DRM: still a pipe dream

The cyber-space seems to be up in arms about the recently proposed Advanced Access Content System (AACS) to be implemented in Windows Vista. A controversial article by Peter Gutman (also featured in the episode #74 of Security Now) describe the contortions through which hardware and software are going to be put in order to fend would be pirates from copying new generation digital media.

My understanding of the issues at play can be sumarized by stating the obvious fact that a team of lawyers can only make atrocious engineers and product developers. “Ne supra crepidam sutor iudicet

As the news that HD DVD encryption has been broken prove, the intellectual effort needs to be put towards a new business model that profits under the assumption that users can (and will) copy and transmit the content.

One Response to DRM: still a pipe dream

  1. Mario says:

    Is Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs joining the chorus of disappointed users,
    or is he just trying to position Apple on the opposite side of Microsoft?

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