Customers looking for reassurances from online retailers

Top Tech news reports on e-commerce trends in this article

A Yougov survey, of 2,500 UK adults, carried out for the security company has revealed that despite three-quarters of the population shopping and banking online, many are looking for additional reassurances from online retailers before spending more.

It found 66 percent of consumers believe that making transactions online puts them at increased risk of online fraud, and 30 percent agree that Internet security threats prevent them from making more online transactions.

Seven in 10 people said they would feel more comfortable carrying out online transactions if they were given assurance that online retailers were taking steps to secure their data.

However, only around three in 10 said they bothered to check the credentials of a company before making a transaction.

Three in 10 believed it is the responsibility of the business they are dealing with to secure their data, while only nine percent lay the responsibility with their bank.

Consumers also expect any compensation to come from these online retailers (40 percent), rather than from their bank or credit card company (18 percent).

A few years ago, by insuring most transactions, credit card companies took the responsibility from the hands of customers and retailers and diminished the incentives for better transactional security and authentication.

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