Online anonymity a thing of the past / Is privacy Dead?

ID theft is making news as the costs of this type of crime increases day by day. The National Post run recently a special section on Security (one of the articles is linked below).
Coincidentally, the same day Steve Gibson his well listened Security Now Podcast episode with the tittle Is Privacy Dead?.
As in the case of DRM, these problems don’t seem to be amenable to a technological solution. Digital technologies are changing the world in such a way that we will have to make changes to the way we handle personal information. Again, everything boils down to the necessity of reviewing the authentication protocols we use in our relations with business and institutions.

Online anonymity a thing of the past

National Post
06 Dec 2007

?On the Internet, nobody knows you?re a dog,? said one canine Web surfer to another in a 1993 New Yorker cartoon. The implication was that your Internet browser offered you a comforting anonymity. You could go about your business without fear of… read more…


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