If you think we have problems now….

wait until we have a smart grid powered by MS and Google and scores of hackers designing the replacement for Stuxnet.



2 Responses to If you think we have problems now….

  1. do you really think we’ll have problems then? i think the smart grid would be a powerful tool for everyone. finally the computation becomes one and not distributed into many computers.

    sure this comes with problems but i think that the smart grid will be made very safe. the much money companies invest the much they concentrate on security, espcially for those things.

    i’m curious about how our planet will change during the next ten years.

    • Mario says:

      Believe me, I wish this will work fine as much as you do. The possibilities are endless. The problem is this, we need to fundamentally shift the paradigms on the design of the OS that will power all these smart devices connected to the grid and put security as a key feature.
      As the Stuxnet case show, the SCADA systems running on top of Windows type OS has lots of security problems because neither Windows nor the original SCADA design has security as a priority.

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