The Stuxnet Encyclopedia

Symantec published the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of the Stuxnet virus to date.

Cyber war or hacking as usual?

The Government of Canada was hit by a phishing attack from servers outside the country.
This attack follows the trend described here by RSA.
Was it in retaliation for this?

Pentagon hit by sneakernet Cyber-attack

The good old sneakernet technology brought the Pentagon to its knees. Fox News report that :

The Pentagon has suffered from a cyber attack so alarming that it has taken the unprecedented step of banning the use of external hardware devices, such as flash drives and DVD’s, FOX News has learned.

The attack came in the form of a global virus or worm that is spreading rapidly throughout a number of military networks.

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More details about the virus were published here.


From a US DoD news article

Cyberspace is a warfighting domain, and the Defense Department is taking steps to defend this crucial capability, a Pentagon spokesman said today.


DoD’s global information grid includes more than 15,000 networks and about 7 million information technology devices, Pentagon officials said.

Grid defenders regularly send guidance to commands about current threats and measures for users to take to ensure information systems remain secure. “It’s the responsibility of every user to help protect the network,” Whitman said. “This is something that requires us to have constant vigilance.”

Certainly, there is a war out there.